the face behind

i am a self taught graphic designer devoted to combining graphic

design with

pretty stationery.

custom design has became my obsession, & my goal is to make you understand why.

during the work week, my days are spent at my full-time gig as an accounts receivable admin. most likely i am day dreaming about creating and designing. it’s just where my brain always ends up. in the evenings, between dinner and couch cuddles, i am most likely working on something marimayde. chances are i have some acoustic 90’s station on, and my 3 pups at my feet. i would love to say there is a tall glass of sauv blanc next to me, but am currently expecting a baby, so it has recently switched to tall glass of arnold palmer. still delicious, just not as inspiring creatively. 

come the weekend, i like to refresh myself with some of my favorite things; my husband, my friends, my family, and of course my 3 pups. my passion in life is quality time and surrounding myself with my people.


 i also have a great relationship with, but not limited to: cold ipa's, sauv blanc, cheese boards, all dogs, anything with a floral print & vacationing (but duh.) 


looking in to my next chapter, things appear to be a little different. with a baby on the way, my priorities have already started to shift. i expect motherhood to change my outlook on life and my workload. however, i love what i do, and i love creating, and i never see that changing. so cheers to life looking a little different in the next coming months.

I am happiest when I'm spending quality time with my people, my tribe. 


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